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Short films



Emma and Paul have just moved into an old suburban mansion. They barely have the time to move in that Paul has to travel away for work - Emma discovers a strange creature inside Paul's office : a praying mantis. She's both repulsed and fascinated by this unusual insect. Depressed and feeling isolated, Emma ends up identifying with this insect trapped inside its vivarium and a strange relationship develops between the woman and the animal.


Alors quand Dimitri emmène Camille à la soirée d'anniversaire d'une de ses amies (Tiphaine Daviot), ce dernier va avoir du mal à s'intégrer et ne se sent pas à sa place. Soudain, un voyou (Julien Drion) débarque à la soirée, dégaine son arme et prend tout le monde en otage



Bad cop, poor husband, Caron sees his life turn around when a homeless man begs him to be jailed, so he can spend winter in a warm spot, and not die from cold. Caron, then, starts something that can well be his own destruction.

Un Ciel Bleu Presque Parfait

30-year-old factory worker Simon lives a solitary existence on a decrepit farm in the remote French countryside. Devoting his time to caring for his sister Estelle, who was left severely disabled when a childhood game went horribly wrong, Simon is plagued by guilt and depression. But he sees a way out, looking to otherworldly forces as a means of liberating both himself and his sister from the corporeal prisons in which they are confined.

un ciel bleu.JPEG


Paris 2054. A beautiful couple, a city over saturated by holograms and digital stream. A Polaroid camera. Tomorrow will never be the same...

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Written, produced and directed by Paul Doucet
Exterminatus is a non-profit fan film for private use only and is not intended for sales of any sort.
Exterminatus is copyrighted and TM by Games Workshop. Logos, design, titles, names and everything related to the Warhammer 40.000 Universe is the sole and only property of Games Workshop.
This film is produced solely for personal uncompensated enjoyment of ourselves and other Warhammer 40.000 fans.



A man stops to walk on a desolate road. In doing so he will be thrust into the light but not without passing through the darkness. Most people have their own way of coping with life's challenges. Major events can cause strong emotions to be buried deep inside the mind. But, sometimes these emotions can rise up to the surface, with unexpected ramifications. THUNDER, travels across an honest love story that eventually leads both parties to a realisation. In life, are we ever too late?

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